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What is Cannahoney?


Cannabis-infused honey, also referred to as cannahoney, is a tasty way to consume cannabis, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes.

Cannahoney is created when honey and marijuana are combined and slowly cooked over low heat. In this process the best parts of the cannabis plant – the terpenes and cannabinoids – separate from the plant material and remain in the honey.


The resulting cannahoney can be stored for many weeks and is a great addition into baked goods or your favorite hot beverages.


Healthy Alternative to Smoking Weed:


If you are looking for a healthy alternative to smoking weed, cannabis-infused honey is an easy, healthy way to get the benefits of THC or CBD without the drawbacks of inhaling smoke into your lungs.


Infusing honey with cannabis allows you to reap the benefits proffered by the cannabis plant without having to take a single hit off a joint. Consuming your THC or CBD in edible form is also much more discreet and much less smelly than firing up a joint.


Ways to Use Cannahoney:


Cannabis infused honey can be added to everything from cookies and tarts to coffee and tea. A consumer can also squirt the honey (via the syringe) under the tongue to try on its own.


Cannabis infused honey can added to anything that requires a sweetener, and for a wide variety of cooking purposes. Drizzle that sweet goodness on toast or scones, stir into any hot beverage, use as a glaze while grilling, or substitute in place of sugar in any baking recipe.


Benefits of Cannahoney:


On its own, honey is packed with antioxidants, and is known to help with conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Used topically, honey has been known to help skin wounds heal faster.


Cannabis has properties are thought to combat fungal infections and inflammation, as well as aid in pain relief. It has been used as an anti-convulsant, and studies also suggest it may even help combat certain types of cancer.


Infusing these two nutritional powerhouses together creates a powerful and healthy natural remedy. Cannabis-infused honey can be used topically or ingested—depending on the desired effects. is a great way to reap all these benefits.


How High Will It Get You?


As long as you properly decarboxylate your weed, then yes: cannabis-infused honey will get you high.


The amount of time the cannabis-infusion is cooked will also determine how potent your cannahoney is – the longer it cooks for, the stronger it will be, and the higher you will get.


The non-intoxicating CBD Honey typically has a concentration of 0.5 mg per gram, while the psychoactive THC Honey typically contains a level of 0.7 mg per gram.


The Bottomline:


Cannahoney is a great alternative to smoking weed, taking the pressure off your lungs while also allowing for the nice buzz cannabis has to offer.


Just like any other edible, playing with dosage amounts is important.


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