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Welcome to Wildcraft Infusions


Throughout history, plant medicine has roots embeded in almost every culture throughout the world. From food to medicine, these plant allies are our deepest connection to nature herself. This is truly ancestrial healing. A knowledge so deeply based in our DNA, that it is almost a matter of “remembering” and reconnecting, as it is learning. As you begin delving into the medicinal knowledge of plant medicine, you begin to form a connection with these beautiful plant allies, which in turn bring qualities of healing within ourselves. Nature is renowned for her ability to not only balance herself, but to bring an ethereal balance to us as human beings on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.

All of my infusions are made with 100% organically grown plants from my own gardens, as well as, sustainably and ethically forraged wild plant allies from deep within the mountains of the beautiful town of Sooke, on Vancouver Island British Columbia. My infusion blends, be it salves, balms, teas blends, oxymels and liniments are grown, harvested and forraged with so much love, respect and passion for mother nature with all her balance and beauty. I love to work with fresh plant matter for all my various infusions. When making my infused oils, I allow the flower or leaf to air dry in mesh drying racks outside (away from the sun) for a few days to draw out any excess moisture, as we all know, oil and water breed bacteria!


I practice my own organic gardening which is a wonderful combination of home composting (making compost tea), companion planting, permaculture and essentially using plants and insects to fertilize and practice pest control. The ladybugs are always flying around 🙂 I like to practice a no til method with my soil, and enjoy using plant allies such as horse tail, comfrey, lavender, yarrow and dandelion greens to top mulch my garden beds. Additional organic fertilizing includes using aloe vera, insect frass, diotamaceous earth, kelp and neem meal to support plant immunity and overall health and wellbeing.


I hope you enjoy these magical infusions and I wish you all healing and happiness xo




I am not a certified Master of Herbalism. I am training to become a Certified Community Herbalist. My knowedge comes from self teaching, online courses and a personal connection to these plants and their medicinal properties. I do not work with any toxic plant allies. Please consult you doctor for more information if you have any concerns with any of the plants used. I recommend you do this before using my products. I am in no way offering any medical advice that constitutes that of your General Practioner.


Every body is different, good health is our personal responsibility and always by our own choice.