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Purple Annihilator Kush


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Annihilator Kush is considered a King of Kings amongst hybrid strains, garnering attention and fame for its highly psychoactive and trance-like effects. This indica-dominant hybrid strain is a cross between the notorious Death Bubba Kush and historical and legendary strain, Afghan Kush. Known for its intense, fruity aroma, Annihilator Kush is sure to please the senses and tastes of any connoisseur.

This strain is extremely highly-regarded for its potency and killer, almost debilitating high. Sure to knock you off your feet, Annihilator Kush boasts a staggering average THC concentration of 23%! The high of this strain begins as a euphoric, and uplifting head high that is characterized by its bubbly, sociable, and giggly nature. Slowly, this transitions into a full-body experience that allures users into a state of utter relaxation that is described as being surreal and like no other. This strain is most beneficial when used in conjunction with the treatment of stress, pain, nausea and depression.

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