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Moon Cone 5 pack

$25.00 5 per package



Mooncones sold in packs of 5. Description: preroll painted in cherry oil coated in keif.

Mixed Pack contain a variety of flavors

Additional information

Additional information


Pink Kush, BC Bud, Mix Pack # 1, Animal Cookies, Master Kush, Unicorn Poop, Ice Cream, Watermelon Kush, Garlic Cookies, El Chapo, Fritter Glitter, Pink Sherbet, Fornication, White Rabbit, Fruit Loops, Cherry Punch, Devil's Triangle, Devils Drip, Falcon 9, Space Cake, Purple Punch, Citrique, Amnesia, Donkey Budder, Tom Ford, Tropical Punch, Citrus Jack, Sugar Kush, Mixed, Raspberry Kush, Apple Pie, Wifi, T-Rex, Dino Breath, Cactus Breath

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