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Vegan Organic Thunder Kraken

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Heavy users will cherish the maximum potency of Kraken, but beginners might want to look somewhere else. The effects are devastating and can be too overwhelming for rookie smokers.

This strain tends to be uplifting, talkative and giggly, making Kraken a fantastic choice for patients who want a relaxing high that isn’t debilitating.

Reviews (1)

1 review for Vegan Organic Thunder Kraken

  1. Bryce Chaffey (verified owner)

    Dank but not fishy, green but not tannic, citrusy but not a bland lemon, and the force of this strain can only be adequately conveyed by describing how the incredibly dense and sticky nuggets sweat amber sap on the walls of the bag in sticky blots. The flavor is dank tropical jungle fruit and had my fellow med patients positively in love. This is one to respect and savor. A true five, the words Vegan and Organic pass the flavor, smell, and clean vape tests. Every strain should have a version like this, just to experience it. I would love to see a Vegan Organic ‘Alaskan Thunder F@%k’, an incredible strain I would easily call the Ice to the Kraken’s fire and an all time favorite of mine. Kudos, Truly.

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