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Forever Phoenix Vape Pen with thc cartridge



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With a slick high-tech self recharging lightweight system The Vibes electronic CO2 extract vaporizer pen is considered to be the future of medication. There are many other oil vape pens out there but none of them are like this one. The Vibes is designed for handling anything from low to even the highest viscosity oil you throw at it without any hiccups. The holster that it comes in is the actual charger itself, charge the holster and the actual pen will never run out of batteries since it is always bumped up to 100% so long as your keeping the pen within the holster after usage. The holster also comes with 2 slots for your refill cartridges to make sure you’ll never run out of your medicine. The Vibes is made with only the highest quality components, no cheap plastics. No duds, No problems!

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