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 Indica Dominant Hybrid 90% Indica / 10% Sativa THC: 24%

Dankalato from US seed bank Dank Genetics is a new cannabis hybrid created from a cross of Gelato 33 with Sherbert, resulting in feminised seeds combining two of the most sought after North American genetics, highly valued for their intense and fruity aromas.

This cannabis hybrid displays well-branched and vigorous growth. It’s easy to grow, adapts well to pruning and training, and does really well in all substrates and cultivation systems.

Its large, dense flowers are covered with aromatic trichomes, making it an excellent variety for carrying out high quality resin extractions. Its levels of THC as high as 25% translate into high psychoactivity, leaving the mind foggy with a feeling of euphoria and relaxed body.

Its flowering period is rather short, being ready to harvest in just 55 to 65 days when grown indoors. Outdoors we will be able to harvest it in October.

Its production is medium to high, offering up to 500g per m2 indoors and 500 to 700g per plant outdoors, in optimal conditions.

Its aroma, as its name suggests, is sweet and fruity, its complex terpene profile combining orange citrus notes with red fruit for an explosion of flavours.

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