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Concord Grape Mediums

Concord Grape Mediums

Categories: Flowers


Concord Grape Blockhead is an exquisite sativa-dominant hybrid strain, developed as a phenotype of the renowned Blockhead strain, resulting from a cross between Project 19 and Sweet Tooth #3. This strain’s high is exceptionally heady and stoney, inducing uplifting and tingling effects that fill the mind with joyful thoughts and leave you in a giggly and spaced-out state for extended periods.

Upon your initial fruity exhale, a cerebral onset occurs almost instantly, flooding the mind with euphoria and a numbing, hazy tingle. As your mental state ascends to higher realms, waves of uncontrollable laughter take hold, providing sustained amusement. With its potent THC levels and its ability to deliver stoney and heady effects, Concord Grape Blockhead is reputed to be highly effective in treating conditions such as chronic pain, stress, mood swings, and anxiety.

The flavor profile of this strain is simply irresistible, characterized by a delightful blend of sweet and spicy grape with a subtle hint of herbal hash upon exhaling. While the aroma exhibits a slightly chemical twist, the overall scent retains its sweet, rich grape essence. The appearance of Concord Grape Blockhead buds is captivating, featuring heart-shaped dark olive green nugs with pronounced purple undertones, adorned with a dusting of delicate white crystal trichomes.

All flowers and trim are sold as ounces unless otherwise specified.

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