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Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Categories: Flowers


Birthday Cake Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid strain resulting from a cross between the incredibly delicious Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie strains. True to its name, this bud offers a remarkably tasty flavor profile, combining fruity vanilla skunk with a subtle hint of sweet nuttiness upon exhaling. The aroma, while slightly mellow, presents a sweet skunky pungency with a touch of vanilla.

The buds of Birthday Cake Kush exhibit a highly frosty appearance, resembling a birthday cake, with large and dense oversized heart-shaped nugs in a light forest green hue, adorned with scattered fiery orange hairs.

While its flavor is highly cherished, the effects of Birthday Cake Kush are equally captivating. The high begins with a joyful and euphoric uplifted sensation, elevating your mood to new heights while erasing any mental distress or racing thoughts. As your mind soars with giddiness, your body gradually succumbs to deep relaxation and sedation, leaving you firmly grounded in your surroundings. This strain induces a profound state of sedation, eventually guiding you into a deep and peaceful sleep, free from pain or discomfort.

With its potent THC level, reaching up to 24%, Birthday Cake Kush is renowned for its efficacy in treating various conditions, including chronic pain, insomnia, headaches or migraines, muscle spasms, and inflammation.

All flowers and trim are sold as ounces unless otherwise specified.